(Served with Chutney & Sambar)

1.   *Iddly
      Steamed rice & lentil patties

2.   *Kancheepuram Iddly
      Spiced iddly garnished with cashewnuts, carrots & cilantro      (Saturday & Sunday)

3.   *Rava Iddly
      Steamed lentil & cream of wheat iddly with cashewnuts, carrots & cilantro       (Saturday & Sunday)

4.   *Medhu Vada
      Fried lentil donuts

5.   Dhahi Vada
      Fried lentil donuts dipped in yoghurt

6.   *Sambar Vada
       Fried lentil donuts dipped in sambar

7.   *Rasa Vada
      Fried lentil donuts dipped in rasam

8.   *Masala Vada (Channa dal Vada)
      Channa dal mixed with onions and spices

9.   *Special Potato Bonda
      Lentil dumpling with onion and potato

10.  *Vegetable Samosa
      Crispy & flaky crust stuffed with potatoes, onions & peas

11.  *Mixed Vegetable Pakora
       Deep fried potatoes, cauliflower, onions, and chillies mixed with besan andspices

12.  *Vegetable Cutlet
      Minced vegetables with spices, bread-crumbled and deep fried

13.  *Chilli Pakora
      Hot peppers mixed with chick pes flour and batter fried

14.  Chaat Papri
      Crisp flour cookie sprinkled with puffed rice, crispy noodles and plain yogurt tossed with potatoes, onions, fresh corriander, garbanzo & tamarind chutney

15.  Paneer Pakora
      Tender homemade cheese sticks dipped in batter and fried

16.  *Assorted Appetizers
      Medhu vada, Mysore bonda, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Cutlet & Pakora


1.   *Rasam
      A traditional South Indian sour 'n' spicy soup

2.   *Tomato Soup

3.   *Mulligatawny Soup
      An exquistely delicate vegetable broth with letils


(takeout $1.00 extra)

South Indian Thali
     Roti, white rice, sambar, dhal, kootu, avial, poriyal, rasam,
     curd, pickle, pappad, payasam and coffee or tea

Udupi Special
     Choice of soup, iddly or vada, choice of dosa or uthappam,
     both served with sambar and chutney, payasam coffee or tea

Mysore Royal Thali
      Choice of Soup, assortment of appetizers - (cutlet, samosa, medhu vada),
roti, special rice, white rice, sambar, kootu, chana curry, avial, rasam, curd,
Pickle, Pappad, Payasam, tea or coffee



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