The authentic Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Udupi Cafe is a family restaurant serving authentic, high quality vegetarian food, using the finest quality ingredients in the valley.

We provide bright and lively atmosphere. Our prices are moderate.

Our friendly staff is genuinely happy to guide you through our menu. We use all our expertise to create a new edge in healthy, fine Indian cuisine of current times.

If you are a Vegan, 80% of our menu are vegan.

Our customers love crispy Dosas, wide variety of our curries and especially the Gobi Manchurian & Vegetable Manchurian Our dosas and Uthappams are complimented with authentic home made sambhar which will provide a memorable dining experience.

We are different from the usual stereo type Indian restaurants, freshness guaranteed at all times.

This is a authentic South Indian kitchen which also provides north indian dishes in a high quality. We do cater for all occassions. While eating unique food can be a great experience, you may want to also lose some weight and control your intake. Go to the Village Living Magazine website, if you want to see the latest in home design ideas.


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